C.T.Constructions Ltd. Greece


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The company C.T.Constructions Ltd. was founded in 2007, in Athens, Greece, by Christos and Charalampos Tsarouchis.

The most extreme project executed by C.T.Constructions Ltd, is a construction made on both sides of the Corinth Canal, created to support the historical jump over it, performed by the world champion, Robbie Maddison on his motorcycle.

“Athens Golden Cup 2010” was another interesting project executed by the company, the beach volley games being held on “Syntagma Square”, located in the center of Athens. For the needs of the “Athens golden cup 2010” the city o Athens moved tones of sand and created a beach volley court at the most famous Square of Greece, right next to the Parliament.


2 Responses to C.T.Constructions Ltd. Greece

  1. Vaso Kakkasi says:

    Great work! Simple, modern and well structured. It includes all the info you need in a very straightforward way!

  2. Athanasios Tompros says:

    Professional job from… an amateur? What will it be when you finish your studies? Bravo!!! By the way….. It appears to be a good company…. I am planning to use them in some construction works….

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